Commitment to Leadership

The Mullen Oilfield leadership team believes in a continued commitment to the health and safety of employees, environmental sustainability, meeting corporate objectives, honesty and integrity, and value for customers.

Our leadership team also acts as mentors for our employees young and old, highlighting and creating an enjoyable workplace built on ingenuity and hard work.


RICK HENNING – VICE PRESIDENt – mullen oilfield services

Rick has over 45 years of experience in the oil and gas industry.  Rick began his career as a Rigger in northeastern BC and quickly transitioned into a Bed Truck Driver after obtaining his class 1 license.  Rick was promoted to Truck Supervisor after gaining field experience and a comprehensive knowledge of operations.  He used his experience and knowledge and worked his way into the Terminal Manager position at our Fort St John Terminal (LAND Transport) and ultimately transitioning into the position of Vice President of Mullen Oilfield Services.



Erik has over 24 years of service with Mullen Oilfield Services.  Erik started his career as a Rigger in our Grimshaw Terminal.  Upon gaining knowledge of field operations Erik moved into the role of primary estimator, shortly after Mullen Oilfield Services formed the Sales and Marketing team and Erik was given the position of Sales and Marketing representative.  Today Erik holds the position as Director of Sales and Marketing.

Erik is a graduate of the Mullen Group Business Management Certificate Program and is a past recipient of the Oilfield President’s Award.


MICHAEL KENT – Operations Manager

Michael began with Mullen Oilfield over 18 years ago as a Junior Driver apprenticing to become a Picker Operator.  Michael ultimately spent 7 years in the field before moving in to the role of Dispatcher at the Leduc Terminal.  During his time as Dispatch Michael became involved in various projects which ultimately lead him to the position of Business Development out of our Calgary office in 2011.  Michael can be credited for developing strong business relations in eastern Canada, which has provided various successful business opportunities for Mullen Oilfield Services.

Michael is a graduate of the Mullen Group Business Management Certificate Program.


jerry chamberlain – terminal manager – leduc

Jerry has over 25 years of service with Mullen Oilfield.  Jerry began his career as a Rigger and then obtained his class 1 license moving into a Driver position where he completed his journeyman boom truck ticket.  Jerry’s field experience led him into a Dispatcher position where he also took on roles as remote project coordinator throughout Canada.  This experience eventually led Jerry to the position of Terminal Manager in Leduc where he is located today.

Jerry is a graduate of the Mullen Group Business Management Certificate Program and is a past recipient of the Oilfield’s President Award.


rolland lessard – terminal manager – fsj

Rolland has been working for the Fort St. John branch of Mullen Oilfield for 22 years. He drove as an owner operator for 10 years, and has continued as a Field Supervisor and Operations Manager for the last 12 years. In September of 2016 Rolland moved into the position of Terminal Manager of our Fort St John Terminal.  Rolland has a commitment to providing excellent customer service with a focus on efficiency and safety, while maintaining a high standard of quality and safety.



Paul has worked with the Mullen Group of Companies for over 20 years.  Paul started as a Rigger before moving into a Driver position as a Picker Operator.  Utilizing his field experience Paul moved into a Dispatcher position at the Fort St John Terminal.  Paul’s experience has contributed to his extensive knowledge of Oilfield Transportation and Service Related Industry, this lead him into the position of HSE Coordinator and eventually Director of HSE.  With a strong commitment to safety Paul works diligently to ensure our culture promotes safety and feels it is his duty to send each employee home to their loved ones whole and health.

Paul is a graduate of the Mullen Group Business Management Certificate Program.