Employee Resources

Commitment to You

As one of Canada’s leading business organizations, the Mullen Group of Companies has consistently recognized the importance of employees in the success of the Company. This page contains information about your employment and provides links to frequently accessed websites. Contact your supervisor for more information.


External Links

These are frequently visited external sites used by staff of Mullen Oilfield. If what you need is not included, please contact your supervisor.

Alberta Online Training Portal →

Working with Mullen

Working with Mullen means working with a great group of people and a commitment to safety and success.


Safety Awards

As an employee of Mullen Group of Companies we recognize:

  • Team Efforts and Accomplishments
  • Individual Performance and Initiative
  • Commitment and Dedication

Our goal of Total Customer Satisfaction will be achieved because we are committed to the process of continuous improvement. Our commitment to the Quality Improvement Process is highlighted by a renewed belief that people provide superior Customer Service. This program is designed to recognize the outstanding efforts of employees and to provide the opportunity to celebrate Quality where and when it occurs.

This program is unique. It is designed to meet the needs of a growing world-class organization. Most importantly it recognizes that dedicated employees work hard in the safest and most efficient way possible. To learn more, contact your supervisor.


Quality Recognition

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent efforts of individuals who understand the concepts of quality improvement and, by their actions, make us better every day. Quality Recognition Points may be earned by utilizing the tools available to each employee: Pre-Trip Inspection, Pre-Job Planning, Pre-Job Safety, Worker Observation, Near-Miss, HSE Opportunity, Job Safety Analysis, Hazard Identification and Emergency Drills (Response Plans). Contact your supervisor for more information.